How We Work:

Training, Mentoring, & Hiring Software Developers

Planning & Meeting Expectations

Our first priority is to meet the expectations of our clients and to accomplish this we spend time with each client discussing a strategy that will work for their team. We can usually accomplish a good baseline for the engagement in one to two meetings. Some expectations we like to set, for example:

  • When the mentor and the developer will likely start pushing code.
  • When introductions will be made.
  • Weekly deliverables/progress reports and when they can be expected by the client.


Our Senior Mentor

  • Joins your team, gets to know team members, and how they communicate.
  • Learns the codebase, as well as the customs, standards, styles, and traditions of the team.
  • Helps leadership to define the first two weeks of work both for themselves, and for the oncoming developer(s).
  • Attends stand-ups, meetings, and sprint planning sessions as needed/required.
  • Starts pushing code, building features, and fixing bugs.

Rules of Engagement

  • Provide respectful communication and receive feedback with open arms.
  • Set a time limit on spending any more than thirty minutes on a problem without asking for help.
  • Call a feature complete only if it is tested and in production.
  • If you see something, tell someone first, then write a bug report.
  • Once assigned a bug, fix it, and write a test.