What is DevFarm?

DevFarm was started to help teams grow by adding great developers and by promoting a culture of mentorship.

What do you mean by "mentorship?"

Every junior developer has gaps in knowledge and experience that need filling in when starting their career. We think spending time with more experienced developers on the team is the most efficient way to address this need. We all know a senior developer's time is a limited resource, so we provide a mentor to coach a junior developer through the first few weeks or months with a team. This speeds up a junior developer's professional development and helps them become a more productive member of your team, faster.

How exactly does this work?

There are two main ways that we work with our clients:

1.) We offer "mentoring-as-a-service" which means we send a senior mentor to help teams that have junior developers that could benefit from extra attention and mentoring.

2.) We supply junior developers to a team, and mentor them through their first few months on the job, much like in #1 above. This provides a "contract-to-hire" opportunity for the hiring team to build trust in a developer before actually hiring them.

Either way, having a senior dev that is focused on helping junior developers grow frees up other senior developer resources and ensures the businesses development priorities are still met.

How did you get this idea?

It's a long story! You can check it out here.

How long does it take to get a senior mentor to get up to speed?

It usually takes 1-2 weeks for a Senior Mentor to get acclimated to a new team which is typical for most freelance development work.

How long does it take to get a candidate up to speed?

For candidates, this depends, but our goal is to have the candidate committing code in the first two weeks.

Do we get to screen candidates before they work with us?

Of course! Though we've done our own vetting ahead of time, we have no problem if you would like to do your own screening of each candidate.

Do we get to screen the senior mentor before they work with us?

Absolutely! In the spirit of building trust, we have no problem giving you a chance to screen developers you'll be working with.

How do the developers get paid?

All billing will go through DevFarm, so you don't have to worry about multiple 1099's of different developers.

What are your hourly rates? What are your placement fee percentages?

We don't publish these, but they are very competitive. Email Us for more information.

If I hire a developer after working with them for awhile, do I pay a full placement fee as well?

No, as with most contract-to-hire agreements, if one of our candidates is hired the placement fee is discounted based on a portion of the candidate's cost.

If I start working with a candidate, do I have to hire them?

No, every candidate is working freelance, so neither the client, nor the candidate has an obligation to continue working with each other.

How do you define a senior developer? A junior developer?

Great question! You can read more about our philosophy around software titles here.

What if we just want to hire your developers, can we do this?

Yes, please contact us.

If you put junior developers to work on real client projects, doesn't that affect code quality?

You might think so, but with the added attention from a senior developer, not only does the junior developer establish a foundation in best practices, all code goes through the senior mentor, so you are guaranteed a net-positive for code quality.

I'm a junior developer or senior mentor, and I'd love to be involved, how do I get in touch?

Yes, please contact us with some information about yourself like your portfolio, Github profile, LinkedIn profile, and Resume if you have them available.